The purpose of Ball Jars. Innovative lids? Preserving values? Or both?

ImageWho am I? Why am I here? One of the first exercises we go through in rebranding or marketing is understanding and defining the purpose of a brand. You have to understand who you are before you decide what you’re going to do or say.

The team that chose Ball Jars really over-delivered in this area. The team consisted of Lilli Templeton, Alex Laniosz, and Christine Tierney. They conducted qualitative, quantitative, primary, and secondary research in their quest to capture and articulate the higher purpose of Ball Jars. And it paid off. Ball Jars doesn’t sell glassware, they sell the preservation of independence and sustainability. This integrated campaign ended up winning the Best Of Show in the local ADDY competition and the judge’s choice. BallJars_Presentation_Page_01


So how do they define the purpose of Ball Jars? To quote the team’s manifesto:

We are here to stay.

Silently preserving the voices of those who carry us.

We are self-discipline. Resiliency. Integrity.

Born from necessity and kept alive by autonomy,

We are proof that in a disposable era, people yearn for lasting quality.

We don’t claim to be the easy way. Never have.

We are Ball Jars.

The American Jar.

Self-discipline. Resiliency. Integrity. Autonomy. Lasting quality. Values that promote sustainability and happen to come in the form of functional jars. As they explored the brand further, they uncovered an element of ingenuity that is integrally linked to their containers. It is actually the lid that is the secret to their functional success. Image


This led to a customer-driven lid development platform that create additional functionality and use for Ball Jars. And a case study that demonstrates the benefits of having students explore the hidden brand potential preserved in the grandma’s pantry.

We are looking for brands for exploration for this upcoming fall semester. If know of a brand that would benefit from a student branding and marketing exercise, please contact me. I guarantee it will be beneficial to all involved.


Jim Johnson

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