Creativity as reliable as electricity.

Charles Day, of The Lookinglass consultancy, has a formula for producing creativity as reliable as electricity. The formula is expressed in the acronym F.O.R.M. Looking forward with a millennial mindset and observations on the elements of success in successful companies, FORM provides a framework for companies to evaluate and improve their ability to capitalize creativity in the future. This isn’t creativity as it relates to design, film, or events, but creativity expressed as ideas solving complex business problems. Tesla, UBER, Warby Parker, are examples of a CREATIVE ECONOMY relying on ideas, experimentation, and new organizational models appealing to the next generation of workers.

The formula for FORM is the following:


FOCUS – What is your purpose and what problem do you solve? Why, exactly, are you in business? Is your vision inspirational and does it change the status quo?

ORGANIZATION – How do you provide a structure and environment fostering trust and collaboration?

RECRUIT AND RETAIN – Top talent will look for aspirational companies providing personal and meaningful ways to contribute.

MEASURE – An environment of continuous change requires ongoing measurement to empower company values and financial viability.

Here’s the trick. Mr. Day espouses the best way to approach this exercise is to use 2020 as a target date. Shorter term goals tend to limit the ability to imagine or embrace the bold, big-picture thinking. Looking further ahead allows leaders the room to define core competencies found in FORM so that creative ideas illuminate solutions on a daily basis.

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