The Merging of Art and Technology

During the Early Renaissance, the discovery of perspective created what was then magical narrations on flat surfaces. The invention of photography and video ushered in new dimensional artistic expressions that captured the human experience. Now computer code is the pigment artists are using to stretch and expand our worldly experience.

The Eyeo Festival , June 6th through 9th in Minneapolis, is sold out.  “Eyeo assembles an incredible set of creative coders, data designers, artists, and attendees — expect enthralling talks, unique workshops and interactions with open source instigators and super fascinatingEYEO
practitioners.” A quick scan of the website will reveal how artistry has copulated with technology to birth an experiential gallery that is both conceptual and sensory.

Yesterday I received my retrospective catalog featuring the artists from 2011 – 2015. It’s obvious this in not an underfunded crowd. The Medici patrons of this era are Microsoft and Intel. And rightly so. While robot technology rapidly replaces our workforce, and IBM frantically works on cognitive computing, it will be the artists that bring humanity to machinery and empower the code with sensory statements of who we are and can be.

More later,

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