Professional Background

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with ad agencies, institutions of higher education, and corporations to improve their marketing communications. In each case, it required a combination of creating, marketing, teaching, and learning.

I’ve held the position of Creative Director, Group Creative Director, and Global Creative Director at major agencies in New York and Europe. These include Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey, and Wells, Rich, Greene. Most of my expertise is in consumer packaged goods with a focus on Procter & Gamble brands such as Tide, Gain, Downy, Pampers, Olay, Herbal Essences, and Pringles. Other brands I have developed campaigns for include E.J. Gallo Wines, Clairol, Total Cereal, N.Y. Lottery, and Toys ‘R Us.

While Global Creative Director for Pringles, I created, supervised, and coordinated advertising that ran on over 30 countries. Necessity is the mother of invention, so I helped develop innovative equity management tools to facilitate the process. During this time period, we created co-marketing efforts with Lord of the Rings, Disney, Nickelodeon, Survivor, and the Daytona 500.

I moved to Columbus, Ohio to become Executive Creative Director at an inVentiv Health agency focussing on B2B and consumer health clients. Our clients and brands included Similac, Ensure, Novo Nordisk, HealthMart, GSK, and P&G FutureWorks. Our campaigns expanded across all touch points from sales materials to consumer mobile.

While teaching within higher education, I created a curriculum centered around brand and market development. I found my true passion within the educational community and see strong overlaps within the learning and the marketing experience.

I carried this expertise over to McGraw-Hill Education, where I led and helped build and internal creative resource team. There I realized the commitment and passion that is required of a truly skilled instructor.

I’m proud to say that I’ve helped create work that raised eyebrows and rocketed sales around the world. Along the way, they’ve received creative and brand building recognition from a variety of organizations. I was honored with a P&G Global Brand Building award for my work on Pringles. A gold medal award from AICP led to my work being part of the permanent collection at MOMA. A gold Effie was received for Clairol. From AdAge, I joined the list of the Top Ten Ads of the Year in 2005. Other awards come from London International Advertising Awards, Clios, and Mobius. Recent CCAD student work has received multiple One Show Pencils and ADDY awards. In case you didn’t know, the creative side of the ad industry loves awards.

Speaking engagements include the P&G Cannes Seminar, S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and the Columbus MBA Innovation Symposium. Consulting includes the P&G/Walmart Healthcare Summit determining their healthcare platform for the next decade and helping P&G FutureWorks develop a new medically supervised weight loss program.

What I’ve learned is that creativity never sits still and thrives on unpredictability, while core human behavior has pretty much stayed the same over the ages. How these two interact with various industries is the focus of my interests.

Personal Background

I was born into a military family that traveled around the country. When my dad left the Navy, we called New Orleans our home. My proclivity to the arts began in kindergarten, much to my dad’s dismay. I eventually persuaded him to let me degree in Fine Arts, Painting at Louisiana State University with a minor in Medical Illustration. “It’s like being a doctor, dad, only with a drawing pad”.

Not finding much creativity in rendering human anatomy, I changed courses educationally and career-wise. My film professor at LSU connected me with ABC Sports, and for a brief period, I was a production assistant for Monday Night Baseball, Wide World of Sports, and the Summer Olympics.

I gave up the broadcast industry in order to satisfy my creative urges in the field of advertising. Moving to New York, I worked my way up the ladder at several large agencies and in the process met my future wife, Mary. She was working at HBO Promotions and had begun her cable TV career at the start-up venture, MTV.

Soon after getting married, we took our careers to Frankfurt, Germany, where I created pan-European campaigns for P&G at Saatchi & Saatchi. While there we witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall, the reuniting of Germany, and back roads all over Europe.

Two years later, we returned to the Big Apple. It was time to start raising a family, and we spent the next 15 years in New York doing so. We have a son, Harrison, and a daughter, Kate.

An opportunity to move west and head up my own creative department occurred in 2006. We moved the family to Columbus, Ohio, where we learned to enjoy the hospitality and benefits of Middle America. There I discovered my true-true calling, teaching. At Columbus College of Art & Design, I created and taught their Advanced Branding Concepts course that connects brand equity with contemporary brand marketing. I am currently an instructor for the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. I teach Advanced Creative Concepts and Digital Storytelling for their Integrated Marketing Communications graduate online program.

After all these years, I’ve found the only thing more rewarding than creating a killer creative campaign, is seeing a student create a better one.


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