Variations on the cReAtIvE bRiEf

A Creative Brief is a critical document because it identifies the difficult decisions that were made regarding what needs to be communicated. It also provides direction and inspiration to those developing the messaging. In this way, a brief reflects both convergent and divergent thinking. Since marketing is mostly about making decisions, the brief serves as a fulcrum... Continue Reading →

Created in China…again.

China perception versus China reality The perception "Made in China" does not reflect the reality of "Created in China." As China returns to its historical role of a global economic power, it is also returning to its heritage of innovation and creativity. Corporate leaders who fail to recognize this transformation will do so at their own... Continue Reading →

Four ways to inspire creativity…why it will be essential for all companies.

As someone who has made his living in industries requiring creative solutions from myself and others, I’ve experimented with many ways to inspire creativity. Here are four ways companies and organizations can ensure they are getting the most creative bang for their efforts. The first question to ask is “What is creativity and how does it... Continue Reading →

Is there mayhem on Madison Ave?

"I told you I was sick" - Epitaph on tombstone Like any industry involved in communication, technology is a disruptive force that has the potential of bringing down the largest institutions. Predictions on the disruption of the large advertising holding companies goes back to Bob Garfield's book, The Chaos Scenario, released in 2005. Mr. Garfield spent 25 years... Continue Reading →

The Merging of Art and Technology

During the Early Renaissance, the discovery of perspective created what was then magical narrations on flat surfaces. The invention of photography and video ushered in new dimensional artistic expressions that captured the human experience. Now computer code is the pigment artists are using to stretch and expand our worldly experience. The Eyeo Festival , June 6th through... Continue Reading →

Can advancements in educational models and corporate innovation be shared to become mutually beneficial? Can higher education and industry develop common goals and methodologies to foster creativity and make the transition from education to corporate innovation seamless? Educational institutions and corporations, learning from each other The need for innovation within corporations and higher education is... Continue Reading →

Word power

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a few, well-chosen words provide clarity of thought beyond any image. "Just do it." "Think different." "The things we make, make us." These short sentences have several things in common. First, even though they are concise and precise, they easily expand into a greater, more powerful  meaning.... Continue Reading →

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