TV is dying while video is thriving. What’s up?

Where do you go to learn about the future of TV and video? The easiest and most natural path...YouTube videos. Two video series from digital media conferences stood out. One was from the “Video Everywhere” summit held on November 3rd, 2015 by the DPAA (Digital Based Advertising Association). It was a star-studded event with speakers representing leadership from the top... Continue Reading →

Created in China…again.

China perception versus China reality The perception "Made in China" does not reflect the reality of "Created in China." As China returns to its historical role of a global economic power, it is also returning to its heritage of innovation and creativity. Corporate leaders who fail to recognize this transformation will do so at their own... Continue Reading →

Last week, the topic was the differences between manufacturing and creating. Those of you who were able to attend last Friday's presentation on Design Thinking by Roger Martin, were privileged to hear a much more eloquent and thought provoking description of the same topic. No wonder. In 2011, he was named by Thinkers 50 as... Continue Reading →

Are we creating or manufacturing?

Manufacturing produces predictable outcomes. Creating produces thoughts, moments, objects that have never occurred before. Manufacturing looks for efficiencies and accuracy. Creating constantly looks for improvements and ways to generate emotional energy. With manufacturing, most of the thinking is done prior to the work. With creating, the thinking is done during the work. So here's the... Continue Reading →

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